Clínica de Medicina Integral Diagonal, S.L.U. is a company owned by FIATC Mutua de Seguros y Reaseguros, an entity having two fundamental rules: the code of ethis and the suppliers’ code of ethics, which contain the principles, ethical responsibilities and values of FIATC and its dependent companies, jointly called as FIATC Group.

Among these principles and values is the legal [sic] regulatory compliance, which involves the fact that the will of the FIATC Group’s companies is that their employees, managers, directors and even the third parties observe the laws in force at all times, as well as the internal regulations.

Furthermore, the Policy on the Function of Regulatory Compliance –applicable to FIATC and to all the group entities– establishes the obligation of having internal alert channels which enable the communication between those who detect irregularities and the Committee for Monitoring of Regulatory Compliance.

In order to attain this objective, the entity has created an ethical mailbox which enables to communicate all types of activities detected either by the organization’s member or by third parties related to the Group companies.

The operation of this channel is an indispensable tool to achieve the objectives of regulatory compliance; for this reason, the said channel has the maximum guarantees of confidentiality and anonymity regarding the identity of the whistle-blowers, because in FIATC Group we consider that it is essential to protect those (either members of the organization or third parties) who report –in good faith– events who may be illicit, that is why confidentiality is guaranteed and no reprisals will be taken against the whistle-blowers.

Ethical mailbox