Program of Medical Check ups. The medical that best suits your current state of health. Tailor made preventive medical check ups. Fast, comfortable and on the spot: a full check up in just 4 hours .

Medical check ups

At Clínica Diagonal we offer tailor made preventive medical check ups, coordinated by the head of internal medicine of the centre and performed by experts in each of the specialities comprising the examination. We have the latest technology available in diagnostic equipment, which is able to detect risk factors, test the correct workings of the major vital organs and draw up specific recommendations and actions to ensure a patient's full well-being and overall health.

How does a medical check up work?

All tests are carried out in the mornings, by prior appointment, in order to make best use of the time for the patient and to gain a quick overview of their general state of health.

Medical check ups start at 9 a.m. in the reception area of the Clinic with prior fasting from patients. They are then received by a hostess who will accompany them and provide them with all necessary information, while taking down all administrative details before taking them to see the head of the unit, who will interview them and fill in essential details on their medical background, before requesting the necessary tests.

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Once all tests which require fasting, (analytical laboratory, ultrasound, abdominal etc.) are finished, the hostess will bring the day's newspaper and accompany the patient to the Restaurant Moos Diagonal where they will be able to enjoy a full breakfast before continuing with the tests.

Once the diagnostic tests are finished at the end of the morning, the patient will once again visit the head of the unit to assess most of the tests carried out and issue an orientational diagnosis,report and recommendations.

Who are they for?

For more information, call us on 902883355 and we'll inform you of the different procedures for men, women and children.