Dr. Hernández Pascual, Luis

Dr. Hernández Pascual, Luis


Dr. Hernández Pascual, graduated in medicine and surgery from the Univeristat Autònoma de Barcelona, specialising in neurosurgery and working with the team of Dr. Luis M. Pérez Varela for over 25 years.

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The creation of a specialised team of neurosurgeons enables it to operate on all facets of the branch of medicine, such as: tumours, malformations, degeneration and trauma, as well as specialising in keyhole surgery both in the skull and spinal regions.
Resident in Bordeaux, Davos and Vienna, Dr. Hernandez has also spoken widely in congresses and other events on keyhole surgery on the spine.
Published in a number of national and international journals, such as: Neurocirugía, Neurosurgery and the Journal of Neurosurgery, he is currently co-head of neurology with Dr.Pérez Varela at the Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor de Barcelona.

Consultancy hours

Clínica Diagonal

Tuesdays 09:00 - 11:00

For an appointment, call:
932 05 32 13