Agreement with Blood and Tissue Bank to save lives using stem cell blood from umbilical cords

Thursday 28th June - training course for Clínica Diagonal healthcare staff

25 Jun. 2012

Clínica Diagonal has signed a cooperation agreement with the blood and tissue bank (Banco de Sangre y Tejidos or BST) of the Catalan Health Authority to collect stem cells from the umbilical cords of mothers who so wish. As part of the program, titled "Umbilical cords save lives", a training course has been organised for healthcare staff of Clínica Diagonal.

The training session, scheduled for 28th June at 10 O'clock in the multipurpose hall of Clínica Diagonal (C/ Sant Mateu, 24-26, Esplugues de Llobregat), is to be opened by Ms. Marta Torrabadella, medical director of the Programa Sangre de Cordón, (Cord blood stem cell program) - a countrywide cooperation program for umbilical cord stem cell blood donation created by the BST.

Umbilical cord stem cells offer new hope for curing leukemia and other cancers. The umbilical cord and the stem cells it contains are often discarded, however the blood it holds has substances capable of generating new blood cells in sufficient numbers. This means they can be transplanted just like bone marrow.

Cutting the cord itself and collection of chord stem cells following the birth of a baby is perfectly safe for both mother and child alike. Umbilical cord stem cell transplants, like those of bone marrow, can help cure both children and adults suffering from life-threatening blood diseases.

Umbilical cord stem cell banks ensure blood is kept in optimum conditions to be later used to full effect. Authorised transplant centres are then responsible for arranging the transplant procedure in collaboration with the umbilical cord stem cell banks.

Once the training has been carried out, one last step needs to be taken - that of obtaining the corresponding permits from the Department of Health, before umbilical cords and their valuable cells can be officially donated to Clínica Diagonal.