Patient Treatment Plan with Ulcer (PTPU)for 1.954€

With diabetes the feet can become insensitive and unable to feel pain, temperature changes and vibrations. The skin becomes dry and prone to blistering, cuts or burns. Wounds can take a long time to heal or become chronic. Ulcers can become infected and cause amputations and even death.

To whom is it directed:
· Any patient diagnosed with diabetes.
· From the age of 16.
· Patients with symptomatic lesions or ulcers secondary to their diabetes.

What does it include:
· 4 medical visits to the consultation of cures of the diabetic patient.
· Lab tests.
· Foot Xrays.
· A visit with the Endocrine for metabolic assessment.
· First visit to internal medicine specialist in infectious diseases by antibiotic treatment.
· First visit with vascular: screening for peripheral arterial diseases and ultrasounds of the lower limbs.
· ANGIO CT with contrast.
· Second vascular visit for evaluation of results and recommendations.
· Two Surgical Cures CmA:
· Preoperative tests.
· Preanesthetic visit
· Medical team fees.
· Anesthesia team fees.
· Bone biopsy (pathological anatomy and microbiology analyisis).
· Medication inherent during the stay.
(If any other visits are necessary there would be a 50€/visit fee)

The plan does not include:
· Diabetic footwear.
· Orthoses shoes or boots.
· Insoles or download material.
· Surgical treatments besides the one specified above.
· Especial care unit stay, if needed.
(Placement of VAC optional 550 €).

After visiting the doctor, whom you can ask all the questions you want, you can freely decide if you want to be operated.

For any further questions and to enjoy the advantages included in this offer you must contact Yolanda Martínez by calling 932 05 32 13 or sending an email to

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