Dr. Calsina Prat, Marta

Dr. Calsina Prat, Marta


Dr. Prat graduated in medicine at the Universitat de Barcelona, specialising in ophthalmological surgery in the Hospital Mar-Esperança, Barcelona.

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Clinical Fellow in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery from the American Society of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, New York, 2010.
Member of the American Society of Ophthalmology, the Societat Catalana d’ Oftalmologia, Sociedad Española de Cirurjanos Oculoplásticos and candidate member for the European Society of Oculoplastic Surgeons.

Consultancy hours

Clínica Diagonal

Wednesdays from 04:00 p.m. to 07:00 p.m.

For an appointment, call:
932 05 32 13
902 88 33 55