Dr. Lao Villadóniga, José Ignacio

Dr. Lao Villadóniga, José Ignacio

Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling

Dr. Lao is a medical doctor, specialist in Clinical Genetics, with special dedication to the fields of pediatric genetics, neurogenetic diseases and genetically based diseases in general. He also has a vast experience in the field of predictive and preventive medicine based on genomic medicine, and in genomic approach to the Central Sensitivity Syndrome. Over the past few years, he has increasingly focused on the field of neurodevelopmental disorders (Intellectual Disability, TEA, TDA / H, cerebral palsy) by characterizing genetic profiles in order to help define appropriate support protocols, which basically are based on individualized nutrigenomic interventions (published in the journal Biology and Medicine in 2016).

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He is a founding member of the board of directors of the Spanish Society of Antiaging and Longevity Medicine (SEMAL), as well as an active member of the Spanish Society of Clinical Genetics and Dysmorphology (SEGCD) and also acts as scientific coordinator for the first national DNA bank on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes. Furthermore, he is co-author of three technical patents in the field of Biotechnology.

He has published as an author or coauthor many research articles in important scientific journals such as Neurogenetics, Neuroreport, Journal of the Neurological Sciences, Journal of Neurology, Journal of Clinical Research, Journal of Science and Medicine, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, AGE and several others appearing in the PubMed databases.

In his teaching activity, he is currently the coordinator and professor in the degree of expert in genomic medicine at the Universidad CEU-San Pablo in Seville, as well as being a professor in the Master's Degree in Physiological Aging Medicine at the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Master in Health Biotechnology imparted by The Center for Higher Studies of the Pharmaceutical Industry (CESIF).

He is currently the Medical Director of Genomic Genetics International.

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