Dr. Valls Elias, Artur

Dr. Valls Elias, Artur

Trauma and orthopaedic surgery

Dr. Valls, a specialist in trauma and orthopaedic surgery with nearly 30 year's experience, is an expert in arthroscopy, trauma in general and notably osteosynthesis, (surgical treatment of fractures fitting plates etc.). In the field of orthopaedics, he focuses on major joints: shoulder, hip and knee.

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Working directly with top sportspeople, he is highly experienced in treating sports-related injuries.
Involved in studies and treatment using new tissue regenerating techniques, (plasma rich in growth factors, stem cells etc.).
Part of a group of specialists with a common background, sharing information and jointly treating given cases.

Consultancy hours

Clínica Diagonal

Monday and Wednesday: 15:30 - 21:00 Tuesday and Friday: 09:00 - 13:30

For an appointment, call:
932 05 32 13
902 88 33 55