Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling

Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counseling

It is the medical specialty that focuses on the genetic diagnosis and counseling or genetic counseling to patients and their relatives with the aim of designing and applying individualized supportive strategies starting from the genomic analysis.

We apply methods based on nutritional genomics, pharmacogenetics, toxicogenetics and molecular genetics.

Genetic counseling is offered in all areas of medicine and throughout the human life cycle:

- Risk assessment in adults: family cancer (breast, ovary, colon), dementia, vascular risk, neurogenetic (adult onset), endocrine-metabolic and hematological.
- Pre-conceptional and prenatal genetic counseling.
- Pediatric Genetics: autism and neurodevelopmental disorders, dysmorphology and congenital malformations, genetic syndromes, metabolic diseases, mitochondrial diseases, dysostosis and skeletal dysplasias, phakomatosis, congenital deafness and blindness, growth retardation and generalized developmental delay, rare diseases in general.