Clinica Diagonal launches new website

07 Jun. 2012

Una visió de futur en el disseny minimalista i funcional que hem creat perquè els pacients trobin tota la informació necessària sobre l’equipament i tecnologia del nostre centre, les especialitats que tractem i les tècniques més destacades.

The family clinic is to overhaul its web to provide a greater degree of service and quality to patients. The new web will be more than just a reference for information on the clinic, it will also be interactive, giving patients the chance to give their feedback on Clínica Diagonal.

Internet and the social networks are evolving constantly and to keep up, Clínica Diagonal is aware that it also has to adapt to the functionality and use of digital media to allow the insured to make appointments over the internet.

In the new site, patients will now be able to look for all the information they may need on both medical professionals and specialities too. They wil also be able to find information on the most common types of tests and treatments, all with the help of the search function.

What's more, they will also be able to access information on the professional backgrounds of each doctor, with their academic qualifications, professional record, where they have worked and in what speciality. Patients are also provided with visiting hours of each doctor in the Clinica Diagonal and can then call the centre directly to arrange an appointment. In the near future it is planned that patients will be also able to book appointments directly via the Clinica Diagonal webpage as well.

But that’s not all our web has to offer! You can also find information on the services of the emergency room: how many people there are waiting in real time to decide when the best moment is to come to the clinic or simply ring to arrange an appointment with a professional at the emergency room.
Clínica Diagonal is embracing a new age of technology to provide its patients with the very best on offer to ensure the greatest possible comfort, care and convenience in the world of health.