Basic Diabetic Foot Prevention Plan (BDFPP)for 740€

Remember that diabetes is the leading cause of amputation in the developed world, every 30 seconds there is an amputation because of “diabetes”. This plan has as a primary objective the care, prevention and treatment of foot lesions in all diabetic patients.

To whom is it directed?
· Any patient diagnosed with diabetes.
· From the age of 16.
· Does not include patients with symptomatic ophthalmologic, renal or foot injuries.

What does it include?
· First visit of functional clinical assessment, screening of diabetic neuropathy, biomechanical duck-biomechanics of the foot and ankle.
· Blood test.
· Foot Xrays
· Second visit for assessment of metabolic status, referral for other specialties, treatment planning and follow-up of injuries.
· First visit with endocrine specialist for evaluation diabetic nephropathy screening.
· First ophthalmologic visit: graduation, visual acuity, intraocular pressure, anterior pol, retinography, OCT ocular tomography.
· First visit to internal medicine, specialist with infectious diseases.
· First visit with vascular: screening for peripheral arterial diseases and ultrasounds of the lower limbs.
· Angio CT with contrast.
· Second visit with vascular specialist for results and recommendations.
(If any other visits are necessary there would be a 50€/visit fee)

The plan does not include:
· Diabetic footwear.
· Insoles.
· Medication indicated by specialists.
· Surgical treatment.

After visiting the doctor, whom you can ask all the questions you want, you can freely decide if you want to be operated.

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